You live in a place that you call world, but you only defend your nation. This is wrong, and let me show you where and why.

You call nation where you are born in. The limits of this, your nation, are virtual lines. The boundaries of your nation can easily trespassed. What you call nation, is nothing else than a game on documents.

You are truly born within the world. This world has real boundaries, places where we are not allowed to go. THESE are real boundaries, NOBODY of us has ever trespassed, and if so, never returned to tell us.


So, the only nation that REALLY exists is the nation World.

You are a Wordler.

Wake up and act as the fiercest nationalist ever had existed. Stop all criminal activity in you. Stop all kind of betrayal. Stop hell.

Make this nation World a place worth to live in. Make it a place where everybody wants to live. Make Wordlers the most gifted of all societes to exist.

signed: Wordler