You see things… then things look at you … and both and all we have changed. When I work in a series of pictures, I don’t want to look at the photos produced. I don’t want them to change me, not in this very moment of creation.  If I look at them in plain production process, they re-empower creativity to built up unimaginable lands, so full of impulses to viewers, that most of them just get shortcutted whilst attending them. A glance on my work in process, and it goes utopia, a second glance and I literally leave all existing dimensions, which in fact is a breathtaking experience, but does very little or nothing to all of us. We people want to know about the experiences of others, and we want to understand them, to overstand them if you allow me this little language gaming on a beautiful autumn morning in the little city I share with so many “wees” we are here. There is no need any more for me to go überbeyond in language, photography, arts, education or commerce, philosophy or ciences. This is just far too egoistic, and somehow selfish, unhuman and truly unrespectful to nature and the nature of us all. Social progress is only guaranteed if artists come back with over-understandable dreams, dreams they can explain or can get partially explained. Here is this little cat now sucking on my hand, while I’m typing. He has learned to suck with my fingers working on that plastic keyboard. He doesn’t know what I’m doing, he doesn’t relate the keyboard to what I relate it to. But he knows how to combine his dreams with mine, he also types when I do it. We want to do it together, and always look for ways to interact. Dreaming überbeyond wouldn’t give us a chance to live the individual experiences together. For such experiences, there will be a time and a moment, and as a natural process, it will be a moment for all of us. We are all utopia. Learning how to deal with it is life consuming matter of the most challenging category. Coming back from a large voyage and being still a bit who we were on leaving, assures tickets for others. +++++*- (that was the cat).